Florrie premieres new single ‘Too Young to Remember’ music video

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Florrie premieres new single ‘Too Young to Remember’ music video
Underpopulation: South Korea urges its citizens to have more babies

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Faced with an ageing population and one of the world's lowest birth rates, the South Korean government is urging its citizens to make more babies.

Among the "emergency measures" to encourage its populace into starting, or growing, their family are financial support for couples seeking fertility treatment and extra paternity leave for parents welcoming a second child.

The Korea Herald reports that the measure were announced by the ministry of health and welfare following a 5.3 per cent drop in new born babies in the first five months of the year compared to the same time in 2015.

Health minister Chung Chin-youb said:

"The government prepared such emergency measures with a desperate mind that we must exert all possible efforts to block the current low birth rate that continues to decline

"But these still fall short of transforming the sense of defeat felt by youths into a sense of hope, or to console the working mums who shed tears during our policy debate."

The BBC reports that South Korea's birth rate has plummeted since the 1960s despite billions of pounds worth of government spending.

The government will spend up to £44m on the new measures, according to the Korea Times, although there are fears that state policy will not be able to over power a corporate culture seen as "family-unfriendly".
Florrie premieres new single ‘Too Young to Remember’ music video
Here's why you should sleep naked

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Several studies show that those who sleep without any clothes on are better off for it. Those who don't are missing out on mental and physical health benefits, better sleep, and a better relationship.

1. More touching improves your mental health and your relationship

Being able to touch skin builds a stronger emotional bond with your partner, and touching skin and being touched releases oxytocin, which helps regulate your moods. According to PsychCentral, Oxytocin is a hormone that makes you feel secure. Touching also lowers cortisol levels, making you less stressed and reducing your cravings, making you less likely to binge when you wake up.

2. Keeping cool will help you enter a deeper state of sleep

People who sleep naked have been found to have more restful and uninterrupted sleep. The warmer a person is, the more disturbed their sleep, so shedding all your layers until you're down to the flesh will keep you cool. A low temperature is essential to maintaining your 'circadian rhythm', which is your natural sleep clock, meaning your snooze won't be interrupted.

3. Freshness lowers the risk of infection

Bacteria thrives in warm places, and women can avoid yeast infections if their genitals in the free and open air. Nakedness helps keep things both cool and dry.

4. Freedom protects your sperm count

Men, especially ones trying for a baby, will often sleep naked to free their testicles and prevent them from becoming too warm. A study of 500 men over 12 months by the National Institute of Child Health and Development and Stanford University, found that men who wore boxers during the day but slept naked had 25 per cent less DNA fragmentation than men who wear tighter boxers or boxer briefs.
Florrie premieres new single ‘Too Young to Remember’ music video
Drying your clothes indoors could be seriously bad for your health

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Research has suggested that drying your washing indoors on radiators or on a clothes horse could pose a “serious health risk” for people with asthma or weakened immune systems.

The study, which was carried out in 2014 at the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester, was recently recirculated in Her.ie.

“One load of wet washing contains almost two litres of water, which is released into the room,” Professor David Denning said.

“Most of us are either immune to the fungus which grows in these humid conditions, or have a sufficiently health system to fight the infection. But in asthma sufferers, it can produce coughing and wheeziness.

"In people with weak or damaged immune systems such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, Aids patients and people who have an autoimmune disease, the fungus can cause pulmonary aspergillosis – a condition which can cause irreparable and sometimes fatal damage to the lungs and sinuses.

Professor Denning’s advice is to dry wet washing outside, in a tumble dryer, or in a well-ventilated indoor space away from bedrooms and living area – “to be safe rather than sorry”.
Florrie premieres new single ‘Too Young to Remember’ music video
The secret to being happy, according to psychiatrists

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A psychiatric study which focused on the mental and physical well being of over 1500 people has apparently found the 'secret' to being happy.

The study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that older people were much happier than the younger millennials, and their age appears to be deciding factor.

The research was conducted by the San Diego School of Medicine, University of California and looked at the well being of 1546 adults aged between 21 and 100. The psychiatrists measured the participants' brain function, physical health, and other indicators of a person's well being.

The findings showed that despite physical ailments being more common in the elderly participants, their mental health was much better. Fewer of the older people involved expressed feelings of anxiety, depression or stress, compared to ones aged between 20-30.

Speaking to TIME, one of the study's authors Dilip V. Jeste explained the potential causes for higher instances of mental health problems in young people:

There is constant peer pressure: you’re looking at others and always feeling bad that you’re not succeeding like some of them, and you feel like you have lots of choices but you’re not really making use of them.

He suggested that by contrast, older people had fewer of these pressures, and were perhaps more emotionally equipped to deal with them.

This study found that people's mental health progress was linear, the older a participant was, the fewer problems they had with themselves. The findings contradict previous work that posits a U shaped curve in mental health, whose high point is the ages 45-55, and declines either side in terms of mental health.

A related study of depression in older adults conducted between 1998 and 2008 found that life for older people has been better in the last decades, which may also explain the improvement in the state of their mental health.

The singer has teamed up with H&M to produce a visual for new single ‘Too Young to Remember’, which will be out in the UK on March 8.

Wear it dry, and you’ve got your standard dusting of color—classic and predictable (in a good way). But wet! Wearing it wet opens a whole new world of opportunity. “What you’re doing is bringing out the pigmented nature of the shadow,” makeup artist Vincent Oquendo says. “Whenever I wet an eye shadow, it’s when I really want it to pop—but it really has to be a special kind of product to be able to blend after it sets. Because a lot of the times when it sets, you get streaking.” Nobody wants that. In order to avoid any wet shadow mishaps, follow these guidelines:


First, go with the obvious: any eye shadow labeled wet-to-dry. The Nars Dual-Intensity line is the standout—the singles come in 12 different shimmery shades, and there’s a corresponding brush (then there’s the newly released Dual Intensity Blush line, which was all over Fashion Week—but that’s a product for another post). Burberry also makes a few very versatile shades specifically for this in their Wet & Dry Silk Shadows. And the technique-specific eye shadow category isn’t just a ploy to get you to buy more product. “You can’t just use any eye shadow for this,” Vincent says. “Certain ones will harden up on top and become unusable because they’re not made for this.”

Baked shadows are also fair game—we’re fans of Laura Mercier’s Baked Eye Colour Wet/Dry and Lorac’s Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in particular.

For more advanced players, Vincent suggests moving on to straight pigment (MAC or even OCC’s Pure Cosmetic Pigments). With the added moisture, they’ll become easier to layer with other products. For a look with more depth, try using a cream shadow as a based before swiping with a wet powder shadow. “It’s like insurance,” Vincent says. “You’re doubling your wearability.

This all depends on exactly what you want to do. “Mind the resistance,” Vincent says, particularly if you’re looking for uniform color across the lid. “I tend to recommend a blender brush, which is the brush that looks like a feather duster. If you do it with a stiff brush, you’re defeating yourself before you even start. The joy of a wet-to-dry is you have to get it right amount of product loaded up, and then it blends itself. If the brush is too stiff, it will leave the shadow streaky and then much harder to control.”

However, if tightlining or waterlining is in the cards, a much thinner brush is required accordingly.

Do not, repeat, do not put eye drops, water, or any other sort of liquid directly on your eye shadow. This’ll screw up your product for later use. “Lately, I’ve been wetting the brush with the Glossier Soothing Face Mist, but Evian Mineral Water Spray is good for sensitive eyes,” Vincent says. If the top of your powder does get a little hardened by wet application, there’s a trick to remove it: Get a clean mascara spoolie and “exfoliate” your compact, Vincent recommends. This won’t crack the compact and will make it ready to go once more.

Photographed by Tom Newton.



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