Pictured: Man forced to wear 38c bra after losing 158kg weight

A barman  in London who has lost a staggering 25 stone (158kg) has been forced to wear a cotton sports bra to contain his 38C cup man boobs, otherwise known as moobs.
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Wayne Horridge, who has excess skin weighing more than a stone, is even forced to wear corsets to hold in the loose flesh around his stomach.
The 35-year-old  now helps others stick to their diets through his social media blogs  after he went from 38 stone in 2008 to 13 stone.
Real Life Story Agency

He said: “I come from a big family. I was addicted to food and because I couldn’t fight that addiction properly I ended up being the jolly fat chap.
“I tried diets but couldn’t stick to them. After an Achilles tendon injury the weight piled on because I couldn’t walk properly. Food became my comfort.”
The weight gain left him with breathing problems, walking difficulties, sleep apnoea and other weight related health issues.
He said: “I was a walking time bomb and my GP kept telling me I was going to die.”
“I was working as a caretaker at the time and I actually found it hard to get information about men losing weight. I turned to my female friends for advice and they suggested diets or weight loss surgery.
“I was lucky I had supportive female mates but I know many men who are obese are embarrassed to ask for help even today.
“My GP made me an appointment in May 2008 for a gastric band but the doctor said it wouldn’t work and I needed a sleeve. Due to my size I was even told I may not survive that.”
Wayne had almost 90 per cent of his stomach removed and since then has been on a restrictive diet
“I could barely eat half a banana for breakfast, half a sandwich for lunch and some chicken and vegetables for dinner when I first had the surgery. Now my body is used to it and I eat small portions of healthy food.
Wayne’s sudden weight loss left him battling to save his skin.
“I exercised but because my skin had been stretched from being so big the skin couldn’t react fast enough to the disappearing fat and return to normal.
“It’s why I have all this loose floppy skin. I was incredibly grateful for the gastric sleeve I know it saved my life.
“But weight loss surgery should come in two parts – the band or sleeve and after the weights gone, the skin removal.
“I still feel like a fat person because of the loose skin.
“I have maintained my goal weight. I know my eating habits were terrible and I accept I was a food addict now I just want have a normal body so I can help fight the war against obesity.”
Wayne knows some people criticise the so called “easy option” of surgery but says: “When you go to bed each night not knowing if you will wake up because of your weight you do what it takes.”
As the weight dropped off his moobs grew to a 38C and had to be stuffed into a cotton bra or vest to prevent clothes rubbing it raw and sweat collecting underneath causing soreness.
“I had my sister go get me a cotton sports bra to try and flatten and contain the moobs. She was awesome.
Source: The SUN UK
Image Credits: Real Life Story Agency



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