Video: French teenager who recorded her own suicide on Periscope app after naming ex who raped her

Océane  who had the user name (Imanolthecat) was a 19-years-old who recorded herself on Periscope, the live video-streaming app, describing her despair and then killing herself by jumping in front of a commuter train in suburban Paris at 4:29 p.m. on Tuesday at the Égly station, about 25 miles south of Paris.

She claimed that she was raped by someone and gave all his details right before committing suicide.

An investigation has been opened.

This person allegedly sent an SMS to one of her close relations, several minutes before her death, to announce her intentions, furthermore, she allegedly made statements to Internet users, via the Periscope application, to explain her act., while sitting on a couch with a drink and a cigarette.

The video is no longer available on Periscope, which is owned by Twitter, but excerpts that appeared to be from it were widely circulated on YouTube, with the suicide blacked out.

She said: “The video I am doing right now is not made to create the buzz but rather to make people react, to open the minds, and that’s it.” The woman identified herself as an employee at a retirement home and as a resident of Arpajon, a town not far from Égly.

People watching the video chimed in with remarks — including “We’re waiting,” “Always a pleasure to see you,” “Give us a hint” and “I think it’s fun” — that generally did not appear to take the woman’s distress seriously.

At one point in the excerpts, the screen goes dark and there is no noise. About five minutes later, the voice of someone who is evidently an emergency worker can be heard, saying, “I am under the train with the victim; I need to move the victim.” The train is visible in the seconds before the video cuts out.



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