Isis: Smiling teenagers volunteer to execute prisoners for rejecting Islam (pictures)

The youngsters prepare to kill the blindfolded men
Horrifying footage has been released of teenage boys who are competing with each other to kill prisoners on behalf of Isis.
The men were to be publically executed in  the city of Nineveh, Iraq for rejecting Islam.
The youngsters smile as they are handed their weapons to commit the barbaric act
In the video, representatives of Isis were given weapons and they brought the men in front of a shouting crowd. The prisoners, who are all dressed in red and blindfolded, were forced to kneel on the ground.
The youngsters put their hands up to be picked
The terrifying footage shows an ISIS preacher telling the crowd that the men have been sentenced to death for rejecting Islam.
One of the teenage assassins smiles at the camera
The preacher then asks the crowd for volunteers to come forward to execute the men.
Almost immediately, five youngsters – some of them obviously still teens – put their hands up eagerly to be picked.



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