Favour, the 9-month-old Nigerian orphan who survived shipwreck is now Italian

Along with her ​​young mother, 9-month-old Favour was trying to reach Italy on a shipwrecked boat in the Mediterranean. The pregnant mother died during the journey and Favour, is  orphaned. 
The baby was welcomed by the volunteers in Lampedusa and his story has touched everyone, so much that there are several requests for foster care. Her future, now , will be in Italy:This was promised by  the President of the Republic of Italy Sergio Mattarella during a visit to the island of Sicily where he inaugurated the “Museum of trust and dialogue.” 
“Little Favour is now necessarily Italian,” said the Head of State. 
The President of the Republic disclosed this when inaugurating the island of Trust Museum and Dialogue on June 3
Favour after initial treatment had been transferred to a facility in Agrigento. “You’ll find certainly many mothers willing to love it. But if there was a need for a dad, there’s me, prepared to adopt it, as I ask the Prefect Nicola Diomedes’ said Pietro Bartolo , the doctor always at the forefront in host operations migrants in Lampedusa and protagonist of Gianfranco Rosi “Fuocammare film.”



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