Woman kills abusive husband by crushing his testicles

Phan Thi Kim Chuong allegedly killed her husband by crushing his testicles.

According to the Daily Mail, she squeezed and watched as his face turned purple, and refused to let go until a neighbour stepped in.

It started when her 53-year-old husband Le Kim Khai returned from a trip and found himself locked out of the house, with his wife and two daughters refusing to let him inside.

After using a handsaw to cut his way in, he allegedly came at his wife with a punch, as one of his daughters begged him to back down.

That’s when Chuong grabbed him by the testicles, and Khai fell to his knees in agony. She then climbed on his stomach and continued to squeeze until a neighbor, who had overheard the screaming, ran to the scene and saw a purple-faced and unconscious Khai laying on the ground. By then, he had died from suffocation after choking on food stuck in his windpipe while under his wife’s death grip.

After police arrived, Chuong told them she only meant to warn him and that he had been abusive toward her.

But the worst happened.



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