Can fresh Moringa leaves help to lower blood pressure?

Have you ever tried lowering blood pressure with fresh Moringa leaves?

So,  I had to park by the police barracks in Ikoyi, Lagos and got talking to this mobile police officer who was chatting with another officer.

The conversation was about a colleague of theirs who has just died that morning and had no known illness; he had been taken home to Jos that morning, leaving behind his wife and kids.

The officers suggested that the death of their colleague may have been as a result of high blood pressure.

One of them also talked about how he used to use Moringa leaves as a child; he was really grateful for his father who made Moringa a part of the family’s diet.

He then pointed to the Moringa tree which grows within the barracks. It was my first time of recognising the Moringa tree.

I have seen the tree growing around as a child, but really didn’t know the name. I have also tried Moringa powder but the officers said that the fresh one is very good for blood pressure, even though Moringa is said to be able to cure so many diseases.

According to him, you puck a bunch of leaves (only), wash and boil and then sip 2 teaspoons of  the concentrated juice, twice daily.

I know someone close to me who is dealing with high blood pressure and will share this information with that person.

I am wondering though, is there anyone reading this right now, who has used Moringa for high blood pressure and has it really lowered it for you?

I then decided to do a small research on the herb. Here it is:

The role of the Moringa oleifera plant in treating high blood pressure has long been known to practitioners of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India and the surrounding areas.

Recent scientific studies have provided solid evidence that Moringa supplements can indeed reduce high blood pressure in patients and provide benefits to overall cardiovascular health as well.

By maintaining a healthy blood pressure reading, patients can often reduce their risk of serious medical problems and improve their overall long-term prognosis.

The important nutrients needed by a person suffering from high blood pressure are Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, and Vitamin E. Moringa contains these entire nutrient in it. Moringa contains Vitamin C helps support the body’s production of nitric oxide, which is critical to normal functioning of blood vessels.

High blood pressure
Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a condition in which the blood in arteries and veins exerts higher than normal pressure on the walls of these blood vessels. Over time, high blood pressure can cause a variety of negative effects within the body including coronary disorders, stroke, kidney failure and heart attacks.

A number of pharmaceutical treatments for hypertension are available, but most have serious side effects of their own and may not be effective in all cases. Left untreated, high blood pressure hastens the deterioration of the circulatory system and can cause serious illness or death. Primary hypertension is diagnosed when no underlying cause for the condition can be identified, while secondary hypertension is typically the result of another disease or disorder.

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