10 surgeries that people go for to get the perfect look for their wedding

Makeovers before marriage  ceremonies have gone beyond going for a spa treatment and getting a talented makeup artist for a beautiful ‘face beat’. 
More and more brides (and grooms sometimes)-to-be are now turning to surgery to erase what society deems a flaw in their looks.
Eliminating scars, lesion suturing (sewing skin together with tiny stitches), laser treatments, local flap surgery, lip fillers, liposuction or chemical peels, skin lightening, correction of nose ‘deformities’ , hair transplant and Brazilian butt-lift (for women who want to make their behinds look fuller, rounder and firmer) are some of the things that people go through in order to start their lives as married people.
Hymen repair is also done amongst ladies who want their husbands feel that they are virgins again. A couple of years ago, the UK’s health system has to stop allowing ladies (mostly muslims), have hymen surgery for free. 
Tattoo removal is also quite popular amongst about-to-weds: imagine having written something about your ex on your body and your new partner feels uncomfortable about it. In order to please that person, you’re most likely going to look for a way to erase it. 
Breast  reduction and enhancement are also common among those planning their wedding. 
Which one would you like to go for, if you had to choose?
Image Credit: Hindustan Times



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