September 10, 2016 is World Suicide Prevention Day

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On September 10th, people around the world come together towards the common goal of preventing suicide.

You can join in by checking in on someone you may be concerned about, and start a caring conversation with them, asking them how they’re going. Investigate ways of connecting with others who are trying to prevent suicide in your community, your country, or internationally.

The first World Suicide Prevention Day was held in 2003 and was an initiative of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and the World Health Organization (WHO). Since then, World Suicide Prevention Day has taken place on 10th September each year.

This year, the theme of World Suicide Prevention Day is “Connect, Communicate, Care,” and making connections with someone who is struggling is something we can all do, one of the most effective actions we can take to keep people safe.

Research has shown that positive relationships — with family members, teachers, co-workers, community organizations and social institutions — can help increase a person’s sense of belonging, foster a sense of personal worth, and provide access to sources of support.

So guys, show someone more love!



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