Should We Let Our Children Get Used To Fizzy Drinks?

Fizzy drinks or “soft drinks”  are popular in our society. Often, a mother will buy carbonated drinks for a child who is not well nourished, when the same money could be better used to buy two eggs (you can find different ways to introduce eggs into your children’s diet) or fruits or other nutritious food. 

Carbonated drinks have zero nutritional value apart from sugar and for the amount of sugar they contain, they are quite expensive. Children who are given a lot of carbonated drinks and other sweet things often begin to get cavities and rotten teeth at an early age. 

Sodas are especially bad for individuals dealing with acid digestion or stomach ulcer.

Natural drinks you make from fruits are healthier and often much cheaper than carbonated drinks.

You can blend the fruit into a smoothie for kids who may want to refuse the whole fruit. Another option is to extract the juice of the fruits or vegetables.

Let your children get used to drinking other  healthier drinks.



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