Kenyan Company Recycles Human Waste Into Clean Fuel

The urban poor in Kenya are benefiting from a source of enrichment in their community after a company has devised ways to  turn their poop into clean and environmentally friendly fuel.

The clean fuel which looks like balls of coal or briquette, is more sustainable and is even now sold to local market women who are buying the products and happy with the result.

In developing countries, the International Energy Agency estimates that about 2.5 billion people cook with biomass: charcoal from forests, agricultural waste, animal dung, and other sources.

In Kenya, charcoal provides about 82 percent of the energy in urban households and 34 percent of the energy in rural households, according to the Kenya Forest Service.
The company, Sanivation,  treats the poop wirh the sun and the fuel briquettes can burn two times longer than normal charcoal, yet release about one third of the carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions. Each metric ton of the briquettes saves about 88 trees yet they are “comparable” in cost even with charcoal’s rapid price fluctuations

Sources: Network Africa, Spectrum IEEE



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