Six Benefits Of Power Nap For Body And Mind

The energy that comes with having a good night’s sleep is great. However, recent research shows that short power naps are great for both body and mind.

Here are six good reasons to power nap:

  1. Clarity Of Thought: Research into sleep cycles suggests that a power nap is helpful for your cognitive functions. During power naps, the brain does its housekeeping by spending time classifying data and consolidatin memories. After you wake up, your mind will be less jumbled and you will have more organized thoughts.
  2. Increased Alertness: People naturally experience a slump in energy levels about 8 hours after waking, usually about 2-4pm. People who are busy during the day should be familiar with the afternoon slump. Studies suggest that taking a nap after lunch can give you a jolt of energy to help find a way around this.
  3. Improved Memory: Napping can be great for learning and memory retention. Several studies have found that students who took naps before exams scored significantly higher on their scores. Reason? During sleep, the hippocampus, the part of the brain which consolidates our short-term memory, used that time to transfer information to the long-teen memory, thus making sure we don’t forget what we just learned.
  4. More Creativity: Everybody needs creativity and used it in some capacity; some higher than others. A good power nap gives your brain time to process information. This time also allows the brain to slot thoughts into the relevant crevices and when you wake up, you will be more capable of creatively combining ideas.
  5. Less Stress: Power naps also work to counter the negative effects of stress and everyday anxiety. Researchers found that the restful breathing we do during sleep relaxes tension in our backs and shoulders and lowers our blood pressure. Some people find that they can get away with meditating. Though it’s not a ‘powerful’ as a nap, meditation produced slower brain waves similar to those produced during a nap. These waves reduce stress and clear the mind.
  6. Better Health: A power nap can help to improve your overall health. Researchers have found that regular naps lower the risk of developing heart disease and getting depressed. Naps have also been shown to help people better process carbohydrates and to balance hormone levels.



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