Did You Know Ketchup Was Sold As Medicine In The 17th Century?

If you said ketchup is the most widely used condiment across the world, you could be right. Ketchup was sold as a medicine in early 1830s.

Up until late 1800s, people considered tomato poisonous and ketchup was made of a variety of ingredients like grapes, mushrooms and berries – without tomato.

In 1835, a medical publication cited the curative effect of tomatoes, and it was no longer business. A local entrepreneur, Archibald Miles, started producing and selling “Dr. Miles’ Compound Extract of Tomato,” – a tomato concoction made of tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar and salt.

Soon, ketchup became the in-thing in health and was sold as a medicine in drugstores and pharmacies. In 1840, authorities dismissed “ketchup pills” as a hoax and the ketchup pills market collapsed finally.



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