Innovation: Yolo Health Kiosk Is The New ATM For Healthcare In Nigeria

Getting primary healthcare from many of the available centers in Nigeria has not been as easy as it’s about to get now, both in cities and rural areas.

Rural healthcare delivery in Nigeria has remained largely unachieved since the establishment of the Primary Healthcare Development Agency in 1992, despite several interventions of government to get appropriate healthcare resources and infrastructure to the grassroots.

Many factors are responsible lack of trained medical manpower, inadequate medical resources for diagnosis and treatment, ineffective referral system, and a poor healthcare data management and monitoring mechanism.

Available statistics indicate that over 60% of Nigerians live in the rural areas where there is a dire need for an effective medical infrastructure to support healthcare delivery.

Enter The YOLO Health ATM Solution

The YOLO Health solution is designed and created like an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that dispenses medical diagnosis and reports.

You walk into any YOLO centre like you’re walking into the bank and you can get so many tests done as well as get your results immediately.

Basic vitals devices are integrated into the kiosk and synchronized to offer accurate diagnosis for real-time use by doctors or kept as medical records.

Walk-in to get a quick preventive health checkup or to video consult with reputed healthcare providers.

To support the Kiosk, a medical attendant will be required to assist patients engage the devices. Otherwise the kiosk is automated with voice prompts for self-help.

The Kiosk offers three critical service options:

1. Online data consulting with a doctor

2. Health check up

3. Health history

Basic vital sign measuring devices are integrated into the kiosk and synchronized to offer accurate diagnosis for real-time use by Doctors or kept as medical records.

Yolo Health is a franchise from India.


• Unified Healthcare kiosks across all local community health centres that will function as end user equipment. These kiosks would be manned by trained local health workers and patient requirements are managed by this person. Once the clinical tests are done, the patient is referred to a doctor.

• The patients then consults with an available Doctor as the clinical test are been carried out in realtime by system. As results are generated by the machine, the doctor prescribes medication or referrals to the appropriate personnel based on the information provided by the machine.

Benefits Of Yolo Health ATM

1. Deploying Yolo ATM Machines in major PHC Centres will provide easy and immediate access to health checks or doctor consultation thereby helping to decongest waiting areas.

2. The machines will help reduce overall cost of providing health care for citizens of the state through quick DIY health check services.

3. The machine ensures patients, the Ministry of health and the state bureau of statistics are up to date with basic health records of state employees and also citizens of rural areas thereby helping to curb diseases before they become full blown epidemics.

4. Increases employee productivity when installed in government secretariats or schools by cutting down time spent on outside clinic visitation for simple symptoms without sacrificing quality and privacy.

5. Enables prompt referrals to appropriate local and international hospitals.

6. Can be used for pre-employment and basic fitness checks for employees.

7. The machine comes with an integrated mobile application and affords citizens the convenience of booking consultation with designated doctors at the various government hospitals or beyond.

This seems like a great idea as long as it’s sustainable. It was launched in Nigeria last week.

Launch Images: Springville Consulting



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