#HealthEpisodes #ClearTheAir “My Wife Was Pronounced Dead Because Secondhand Smoke Lowered Her Immunity”

She watched him stagger in to the house, almost breaking the 15-year-old lantern which stood as the family memorabilia.

He reeked so much of alcohol that she almost choked. She didn’t envisage it was going to be like this, she thought marriage was going to change him, but obviously it has not.

“Kunle, do you even care about me or your daughter, this your drinking habit is becoming too much, we barely eat well and yet you spend the little you make on alcohol”, Lara complained.

He looked at her and smiled sheepishly and walked into the kitchen. When he came out his mood has changed, his eyes were red and she could tell what that meant. He was angry because there was no food.

He pursued her across the room and landed her a heavy blow on the stomach. He dashed into the room, picked up a few things and left.

“Kunle, are you not worried about your kidney, you don’t read on papers and blogs about kidney problems, when are you ever going to stop”? His friend, Lanre asked.

“Oh shut, up young man, if kidney or liver failure was down to alcohol, so many people would have been dead right now.

“But many people are sick with kidney problems in Nigeria and have little access to quality care, even your child has been coughing endlessly”!

Calling his friend’s bluff, he continued with his drink, and puffed a cigarette to follow suit.

Aside the fact that he had a son, his wife was pregnant with their second child.

“So you don’t care about your wife and child and even the one she’s carrying?”

“Look, you are making things hard here for me, are you the one taking care of her for me? What has my drinking got to do with handling my responsibilities as a man?” he fired back.

As they were still discussing, someone rushed into the bar to tell him that his wife had just been rushed to the hospital after she was hit by a motorcycle …

He stumbled as he tried to rush out, clearly drunk, his friend managed to lift him up and they rushed to the hospital..

The doctor beckoned on them for blood as she lost a huge amount.

“Doctor you can take from mine, i am her husband”, said Kunle.

After 30mins the doctor came out, looking disgruntled..

“I am sorry sir, we can’t use your blood, test shows that you have a kidney infection and your blood is seriously contaminated ”

“Doctor, Doctor, the woman who was rushed is not breathing again.”

Autopsy revealed that Lara had developed heart disease which had greatly lowered her blood pressure

The End

Editor’s Note

Making your home smoke-free may be one of the most important things you can do for the health of your family.

Children’s growing bodies are especially sensitive to the toxins in SHS. And think about it: we spend more time at home than anywhere else. A smoke-free home protects your family, your guests, and even your pets.

Secondhand smoke (SHS) is also called environmental tobacco smoke(ETS). It’s a mixture of 2 forms of smoke that come from burning tobacco: Mainstream smoke: The smoke exhaled by a smoker: Sidestream smoke

Any family member can develop health problems related to SHS.



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