Lagos State Employs 27,500 Sanitation Workers In #CleanerLagosInitiative

A huge 27,500 Community Sanitation Workers will be employed by Nigeria’s Lagos State Government and will sweep the streets of Lagos to ensure a clean environment for all.

The Cleaner Lagos Initiative was framed with the aim of creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Lagosians, and will bring poverty alleviation to the people of Lagos state.

One of the key components of the CLI is a ensures that all roads in the state are swept daily.

This is expected to lead to the creation of a viable waste management industry which will further increase the economy of the State.

We can also expect to see improvement of aesthetics of the water ways, coastline, waterfront as well as significant reduction of the incidences of flooding in the State.

Their daily sweeping activities will be complemented by mechanized sweepers who will clean busy roads and major highways in Lagos state in the middle of the night to prevent loss of life and other casualties.

The workers will earn a tax-free income above minimum wage along with health subsidy, pension and other benefits.



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