Nigeria Needs 303,333 Medical Doctors To Provide Good Quality Patient Care

Could it be that our Nigerian parents were right back in the day when they asked us to to be doctors even though some of us thought it was for their own ego?

Right now, there’s a shortage of doctors in the country.

The president of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr Olumuyiwa Odusote, told The Punch that ‘the nation needs 303,333 medical doctors now and 10,605 new doctors annually to provide good quality patient care.’

According to him, over 100 doctors resigned from the University College Hospital, Ibadan, in 2017 while about 800 doctors resigned from Lagos State hospitals in the last two years.

“Our healthcare system has been neglected for an extended period, evidenced by lack of funding, under-supply, inefficiency, decrepit equipment, poor quality, needless deaths and unhappy workforce.

“Today, many of the country’s general hospitals, with the exception of those in Lagos, are not in good condition and are breeding grounds for infectious diseases.

“Many also do not have sufficient beds; so, corridors are turned to sleeping wards,” he said.

He said that there was the need for increased number of public health centres fully equipped with adequate drugs and modern facilities and manned by specialists.

Odusote said that fatigued and overworked doctors had committed errors.

According to him, providing better facilities and work environment, higher remuneration, career progression, professional advancement and better quality of life would guarantee good quality healthcare.

The chairman said that allocation to health in the proposed 2018 Budget should have been more than 3.9 per cent.

He said that the 3.9 per cent allocated to the health sector was less than the WHO-recommended 15 per cent.



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