Where Is The Love? Another Banker Allegedly Tortured Wife To Death

What is happening with our family system? Why are couples killing one another for whatever reason?

Just this morning, The Punch reported a story about a banker, Olaoluwa Adejo, who allegedly killed his wife, Maureen, in the presence of their five-year-old.

Their son, Richard gave graphic details of how his father flogged his mum with belt, later cut her with a machete and forced a poisonous insecticide, Sniper down her throat.

This just goes to show that there’s so much stress in the environment that it seems out of control.

People are getting out of their minds by displaying such levels of violence towards their “loved ones”.

Where is the love?!

How can you have three children with a woman and still have the heart to put her to death?

Someone said that couples need to undergo regular stress and anger management classes and we can’t agree more.

The most important thing really is love – true love for one another – that will let each party to be more tolerant and understanding towards the other.

Marriage counselling classes are more important than ever before. Intending couples need to be truly taught by both their parents and other leaders in the societies they belong to.

Have counselling classes helped your marriage? How are you keeping your marriage together?



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