Are You Sure Of Your Nanny’s Hygiene Practices? Read This

I just heard from someone dear to me, her experience with her child’s nanny.

She decided that the nanny could now bathe her child when he was almost three years old. This is because she was sure he could now speak up if need be, while interacting with the nanny.

This nanny had been bathing her child for about four months and in that time, her child, Joe (not real name), has has different bouts of cough and several trips to the hospital, where huge amounts were paid. The last time, after some tests, the doctors said he had infections in his gastrointestinal tract.

All through the period when the nanny had to bathe Joe, Joe’s mum gave her the benefit of the doubt and never really stayed with the nanny during bathe time.

Apart from once.

In that one time, after brushing his teeth, Joe’s mum noticed that nanny didn’t rinse his mouth. She then asked if she wasn’t going to rinse three-year-old Joe’s mouth.

You would have expected that the nanny would have gotten a cup, right?

Just last week, Joe’s mum was in the bathroom with the nanny who is in her mid 20s and noticed that when it was time for the child’s mouth to be rinsed, this nanny used the bathing bowl to put water in his mouth!

Bathing bowl that has been used to soak underwear and all sorts. Knowing children of such age, there is no doubt that he’s been drinking some of that and not spitting it out fully, even when instructed to.

Is that wickedness or plain dumbness?

Long story short. She’s leaving as Joe’s nanny.



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