Recycle: How To Turn That Used Tyre Into A Footstool

You can make use of the waste you have in and around your house without having to buy something new. Recycling apart from being a healthy habit, is good for the environment.

It is against this backdrop that the convener of the “Trash 2 Wealth” campaign, Ambassador Unyime-Ivy King of Save Our Women and Girls (SOW&G) Foundation in conjunction with FABE International Foundation, decided to empower many girls and women.

Both organisations carried out the free training at three locations in Sangotedo, Badore and Ikota communities in the Ajah axis of Lagos State.

What You Need

Used Car Tyre

2 Wooden boards with radius that fits the tyre

Fabric of choice (Ankara)

2″ Foam


Glue Gun or UHU gum

Staple gun

(Optional) Long needle like the one used for weaves

Tape Rule

Measure your tyre round the circumference, the radius and the width of the tyre.

In this case, we had the circumference at 74″. Now add 2″ for allowance. That equals 76″. The radius was 22″. Now add 2″ for allowance. That equals 24″.

Next, take your Ankara fabric and measure 76″ by 24″ and sew both sides together taking 1″ off so that when it’s time to ‘wear’ the fabric around the tyre, it will be easy.

Now, fit the fabric around the tyre as if it’s wearing an outfit.

Sew the sewn fabric around the tyre and make sure it’s smooth. You can either use a staple gun or tack it with the long needle and thread.

When you’re done, it’s time to add the base. The stapled side or sewn side should be the base.

For underneath the footstool, you may choose to spray paint on one of the wooden boards. Please DO NOT spray in enclosed areas and remember to wear a spray mask because it’s not healthy to inhale.

Alternatively, you cover the bottom with a piece of complementing fabric or use already treated wood. This means that you’ll have fabric only around the tyre and not on top of it in either side. On the other hand, you can use the same fabric all through. Like this:

Place your round wooden board on your fabric and measure leaving at least one inch allowance so it will be easy to stick it.

Cut the measured fabric with your scissors.

Use UHU gun around the edge of the wooden board.

Use a brush to spread the gum around the edge of the board. Don’t use your fingers to spread the gum.

After spreading the gum, stick the fabric around the edge of the wooden board neatly – this will require creating pleats.

Now the baseboard is ready. Next, nail the screws into the baseboard so that it sticks on the tyre.

NOTE: If you’re using a 1″ board, use screw that matches. At least 1.5″ screw so it goes in fully.

To make the top, cut the foam and follow the same process as the measured fabric, only this time, you cut to exact size as the wooden board. Also, you will cut the Ankara fabric and this time, add 4″ to the fabric when measuring against the wooden board.

Gum or staple the fabric and foam (foam inside, fabric outside) to the wooden board like you did for the baseboard.

After the tutorials, the ladies were given a chance to do create something similar and see what they created:

The ladies were also taught how to make clutch bags from waste. The trainer also spoke about the importance of growing your own foods and loving nature, amongst others.

Those recycled tyres apart from footstools can be used for other kinds of storage which can be sold for their value.



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