History: President Trump Calls For Calm As Jerusalem Is Announced Israel’s Official Capital

“I have judged this action to be in the best interest of the United States of America and for achieving peace between Israel and Palestine”, said President Donald Trump as he officially announced that Jerusalem will now be viewed as Israel’s capital.

“Jerusalem is not just the heart of three great religions but it is the heart of one of the world’s greatest democracies”.

He also mentioned that the US has declined to acknowledge any other capital for Israel and that it is the right thing to as well as an acceptance of reality.

The US embassy will now move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with immediate effect.

He said that the decision is not in any way taking away from the position of the United States to facilitate peace between Israel and Palestine. And that he’s still committed to a two-state solution.

“A peace agreement that is acceptable to both sides is what the United States will support”, President Trump says.

“We are confident that as we work through the disagreement, we will arrive at peace, regardless of the disagreements that would arise from the announcement, ” he continued.

He called for calm in the region and mentioned that Vice President Pence will travel to the Middle East in the coming days to implement the announcement.

He called on Jews, Christians and Muslims to work together for lasting peace.

This announcement is a fulfilment of his campaign commitment and is historic indeed.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Trump in a statement read on CNN and said that the sacred grounds will remain the same and not be moved.

Many world leaders in Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Qatar and six other nations have criticised the action and there are concerns about what might happen in relation to Syria and ISIS, now that the Palestinians are angry.



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