How To Make Organic Soil To Grow Your Kitchen Garden


Three days ago, I was at the Trash2Wealth initiative hosted by Ambassador Unyime-Ivy King in conjunction with FABE foundation. See here if you missed it. Women and girls in the Ikota community of Lagos were taught how to recycle used vehicle tyres into footstools and other things.

One more thing that the ‘Environment Queen’, Temitope Okunnu, from FABE Foundation, spoke about was the importance of planting trees and growing a kitchen garden in every home.

Tree planting is great and beautifies your environment.

Beyond that, sun’s ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the trees. If you have trees, they absorb all the carbon that would have otherwise gotten into the human blood stream to pollute it. Carbon is also released from the exhaust of cars and other vehicles; this makes city life more stressful. Some of the effects of the carbon in your blood stream include a dull complexion, weariness and drowsiness to the extent that you don’t want to get out of bed, and even sickness.

She also recommends an average of five to 10 trees per house.

“Do trees around the house not attract snakes?” one of the participants asked.  No. Actually, they attract birds. ‘I won’t wake up if I don’t hear the sounds of birds, i was brought up that way to think that if the birds have not started chirping, then it’s not morning yet.

What kind of soil is used for planting? Loamy soil is preferable. There is also the choice of organic soil.

How To Use Waste Food As Organic Soil

Gather all uncooked food waste like yam peels, tomatoes and vegetables but no fats.

Mix them altogether and add some water.

Keep in a cool place for about three months. (No, it won’t smell)

After three months, it will turn into a form of sand that is different from every other sand. It’s called an organic-rich soil and no matter what you plant in the soil, it will grow healthily because it is made from food materials.

Remember that the food materials used already contain carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins, without fat.

When your plants grow, they come out healthy. Remember to buy organic seeds too. The Environment Queen sells some GMO-free and non-plastic seeds.

She encourages every woman to have a kitchen garden. “I grow all my vegetables, my turmeric, my ginger, my cucumber, in my home”.

If you’re concerned about whether the vegetables can stand the heat in your kitchen, here’s what she has to say: “Many of the vegetables need heat to grow, only a few of them do not need too much heat”.

The vegetables can be grown on the floor, she says.

Of course, eating fresh meals from your kitchen garden will brighten your complexion.

One extra tip was the fact that growing a garden and encouraging children to take part in loving nature can help them to become calmer and reduce tendencies of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There are quite a number of researches to support the statement

You can reach out to her here.

Still looking for a reason to grow your garden?

See this video



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