Feeling Rather Blue This Morning. Here’s What I Told Me

I feel like God woke me up with the sound of thunder this morning and then I remembered that I’d washed some clothes that needed to be packed for my trip tomorrow.

I said a word of thanks and got out of bed to get my clothes which were now slightly damp.

The feeling of thanks continued because the rain got heavier and from 6am till 11am, it’s been rainy in my part of Lagos state.

Even though I have exciting events lined up for the day, for some reason, I’ve been feeling rather low.

First, maybe because I will not arrive at the 11am event on time and it looks like it will be rainy all day.

My dear friend chooses to drive down and then the car which just came back from the mechanic decides to have a mind of its own.

Anyways, I’m building my ’emotional estate’ to be in a default cheer up mode, so here’s what I told myself while getting into an uplifting mode.

What would you tell someone who wants to cheer up?

Listen to music: From ancient times, music has been known to ‘drive away evil spirits’. Everyone has that kind of music that makes them happy or simply makes them feel good. I did that during the ride to my first event. It’s 12:47 now and I’m still on the way. LOL

Hang out with people you are comfortable with: It doesn’t have to cost money. Simply having an uplifting conversation with company you can be yourself with, can make a world of difference.

Eat something you like: It’s not a license for binge-eating though food can help to change your mood. Well, I had a bit of spaghetti and forest cake as dessert.

Pray/Speak to yourself: Self-talk is recommended on a regular basis and there are studies that demonstrate how it helps. You may have heard that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So, if a man is a function of his thoughts, it matters what you think of yourself because it determines what you say to yourself too. Talk to The Creator, The Giver of Life. He’s closer than you think.

I told me all the things necessary and it feels better now.

Cheer up, fam. You’ll be alright.

PS: I’m two minutes away from my destination and that company is great one too because it’s a data journalism training from where I’ll be bringing some juicy stories for you in the next couple of days.



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