People Are Using This Creative Trick To Remove Blackheads

Everyone appreciates clearer skin and some people will go to any length with their creativity to make their skin better.

The latest trend is in extracting blackheads with dental floss.

Instagrammer Sukhi Mann (@sukhimann_), YouTuber SkinCareLuver and Jennifer Chui have various videos on pore unclogging tricks, by using dental floss.

Their tricks together have over 6 million views online.

So how does one use two disposable floss picks (like these) to scrape out blackheads?!

Watch this video

Here’s her method: Use a hot towel on skin for five minutes to open pores. Drag the floss pick over skin, then cleanse with a mild cleanser. Finish with toner (which can even include mouthwash!) and moisturizer.

Are you willing to try this?



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