Tobacco Was Esteemed For Healthfulness In The 15th Century

The historical use of tobacco in Medicine shows that it was used in the past for good stuff?

Towards the end of the 15th century, also known as the Renaissance or rebirth, tobacco was so beneficial to the extent of being called the ‘holy herb’ and ‘God’s remedy’.

What happened over 400 years?

Back in the 1495, famous explorer, Christoper Columbus found Native Americans had a culture of using tobacco for treating ills and for its pleasurable effects.

Dried leaves were esteemed for their healthfulness.

Tobacco was used to fight fatigue, ward off disease and to disinfect.

The loss of consciousness that came with sniffing tobacco was used for anaesthesia at the time.

Tobacco toothpaste was made by addition of either lime or chalk – the product is marketed commercially in India till date.

The story is tobacco is now different. Smoking the tobacco plant, is labelled the cause of at least three million deaths annually.

Should people go back to using tobacco the way it was beneficial?

What do you think?

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