The 2017 Holiday Season And Long Fuel Queues On Lagos Roads

It’s Christmastime and the Lagos metropole which is known for its tight roads is even more congested this festive period.

These pictures are from my friends and I who have experienced the situation.

On a regular, you have office parties, family parties- which means that there’s increased shopping in the marketplace for food items and even clothings as designers put in more work to hit their targets for that Christmas wedding.

Then in other parts of Lagos, you have street carnivals in the evenings that can be very loud.

Many Nigerians in the diaspora come home for Christmas and this explains another reason for seeing so many people around.

In Shoprite, for example, you can tell the people who are ‘not from here’ the way they go about their shopping and from their various foreign accents.

You would have thought that one would be enough to make keep one busy and managing the truckload of activities that come with all the above listed.

Mental Health advocates advise that you stay out of traffic when you can, in order to improve or promote the wellbeing of your mind.

Yet, in addition to what Lagos residents are facing, there’s fuel scarcity. The super long queues at the filling stations make it such a terrible experience getting anywhere on time.

This morning, a friend lamented about how a 5am journey has now turned to 8am and they were still stuck in traffic at the time.

There are talks of some people actually doing this to make a quick buck for the Christmas season at the expense of everyone else’s wellbeing.

How ridiculous.

It is the holidays and people should be encouraged to chill and not totally stressed out, the way it currently is.

If you’re out there in the traffic, please keep it cool and remember to drink some water even before you feel thirsty because by the time you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

Also do your best to plan your journey. If it is not that important or can wait, do stay indoors. As you go out, take whatever you need to keep cool and relax afterwards.

Resist the urge to store petroleum products dangerously!



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