Female Menstrual Cycle And The Need For Access To Clean Toilets For Young Girls

Menstruation can be messy! Women and girls need a private space with water and soap to clean themselves and soiled materials.

While for someone people it’s not big deal, a clean toilet is a luxury for many others.

A range of materials can be used to catch the blood, including a sanitary pad (disposable or reusable), a tampon,
or a piece of cloth in their underwear.

It matters how these things are thrown away. Again, women and girls need access
to a private, clean space (toilet or washroom) to change materials throughout the day and night and to hygienically dispose of menstrual waste.

Menstrual periods can be irregular and does catch girls and women by surprise.

It could come in bed, on the road, in the classroom, party or meeting.

This causes anxiety about needing a bathroom and materials quickly! You can also plan your period or help someone else by putting a pad in your handbag a few days before it’s due.

Even when using good menstrual materials, women and girls may be worried about blood stains on their clothes.

Is your toilet (in your home/office) clean enough and fit for the use of such a person?


Did you know that Japanese are so obsessed with toilets that they have produced some of the world’s best bathrooms?

They have sumo sizes too.

Toilets are such a valued part of Japanese culture that a beloved brand has built a $60 million museum devoted to them.

Keep your toilet clean, always.

Images: WHO, Japan Toilet College, Toto Toilet Museum.



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