As You Step Into 2018, Take Care Of Your Mind

New Year, New You is a phrase that has almost become cliche. New Year resolutions are made. Some are kept, some postponed or even forgotten.

Many people want to get back into shape after the Christmas holiday feasts. Others couldn’t even get any break during the holidays.

Our bodies and minds work hand-in-hand. If the mind isn’t working properly, the body may not be able to.

This is why we must manage mental stress and all the activities affecting it.

Mental illness has been shown to be the cause of disability in many people.

One major way for city dwellers to promote mental health is to avoid spending too much time in traffic.

Studies that can be found on the internet suggest that commuting has adverse effects on the human body.

Early man didn’t drive for as long as we do now and did not have to deal with so many people in one place; including their waste.

Planning your journey around the city helps or else, if it’s not that important, stay indoors.

If you are concerned about keeping active at home, reading, cooking, cleaning, exercising or even playing with children will pump your adrenaline hormones which are a good source of ‘feeling good’ in contrast to cortisol which is an addictive hormone released in periods of stress.

May we all live well, better than ever, and may all the hardworking scientists find the hidden cures to those sicknesses that afflict humanity.

If you have any issues, do see an expert. Remember that the best expert is the Almighty Creator who formed our bodies and minds.

Cheers to a 2018 in the spirit of health.



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