Three Kitchen Appliances That Can Make Your Kitchen Experience More Fun

When you have to juggle a busy life with taking good care of yourself in a place like Lagos, getting to eat good food can be a lot of work and it may mean you have to spend more money when eating out.

When food is prepped, once the cook gets into the kitchen, it’s easy to put a few things together quickly for a fresh meal.

What is that one thing that would make your kitchen a more fun place, ensuring that you have fresh food all the time?

Let’s say I’ve discovered three that work together for my meal preparations.


A juicer extracts the liquid in any food item. You can be sure of what’s going into your good by creating your own juice. Juicy fruits and vegetables can be blended with ice for that slushy taste. Interestingly, you can juice harder foods by adding clean water to aid the process; just the way a grinding machine works. Apple juice, watermelon, pineapple, tigernut (exciting, right?), banana, and the list goes on.

Food processor

Depending on the type of food processor you get, you can mill, knead, slice, grate and whip with your processing appliance. It helps greatly when you have guests.

Got some meat, a loaf of bread, eggs and spice in the house and need to make balls for pasta? Simply grind bread to make crumbs and then the meat is ground next. Add a few lightly beaten eggs your spice and bind your ball with breadcrumbs by rolling it in gently.

Food dehydrator

A food dehydrator is very handy for keeping foods dry; meats, vegetables, fruits, flour and nuts. Fatty foods don’t dry well and can become rancid. Your perishable foods become nonperishable using this technology. Well dehydrated foods like jerky have a shelf-life of at least 2 months to one year, depending on how it is stored. You can simply reuse any of your airtight containers at home for your dried foods.

Here’s a list of what I tried my hands on this Christmas.

⁃ Jerky (or what I call meat chips)

⁃ Tigernut milk

⁃ Tigernut flour

⁃ Carrot chips

⁃ Green Beans sticks

⁃ Plantain chips

Remember to keep it safe in the kitchen.

In the spirit of health.



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