Did You Know That If You Eat Salty Foods You Should Drink More Water?

Salt makes you thirsty. Have you realised? You may notice a bloated feeling when this happens.

When you consume too much salt, your body tries to dilute it by holding on to as much water as it can. To help your body dilute the excess salt and decrease bloating, drink water.

According to Professor W. Larry Kenney at Pennsylvania State University, the amount of water you need depends on how active you are.

People who burn 2,000 calories per day need about 2 liters, but athletes may need four times that amount. Because it is extremely rare to develop low blood sodium from a high water intake, no upper limit has been set for daily water consumption.

Hydration is the keyword. Drinking water helps your body in so many ways, but it should be your new best friend after consuming too much salt.

Drinking a lot of water is always good in helping the body get rid of unneeded substances.

This could be a way to prevent and even treat some ill health conditions – simply by drinking more water.



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