February 18, 2017

Covergirl’s first male model’s insensitive tweet about Ebola in Africa

  Seventeen-year-old James Charles broke through into limelight sometime in October 2016, when he was named CoverGirl’s first male spokesperson. Ever since he has become more famous and now has many loyal Twitter followers. His followers were in for a shocking surprise on Friday when Charles tweeted and deleted an extremely […]
December 15, 2016

Malaria control improves in Africa- WHO report

The World Health Organization’s World Malaria Report for 2016 reveals that children and pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa have greater access to effective malaria control. Across Africa, a sharp increase in diagnostic testing for children and preventive treatment for pregnant women has been reported over the last 5 years.
December 10, 2016

Women who get pregnant in advanced age need more care

Much work has been done to date on Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy (HTSP) and has focused on delaying early pregnancies and safely spacing birth-to-pregnancy intervals but less attention has been paid to (Advanced Maternal Age) AMA and (High Parity) HP pregnancies, even though research has shown a number […]
December 10, 2016

You need to know these health risks of female genital mutilation

Women and girls living with FGM (female genital mutilation) have experienced a harmful practice; a practice that is centuries old and has many meanings, depending on the society in which it is practised.
July 30, 2016

It’s been six years since the Walikale mass rape

It is nearly six years since the incidence of a mass rape of more than 300 civilians residents of the Walikale region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) by armed groups. In 2010, in Walikale territory, North Kivu Province of DRC, civilian residents in 13 villages on the […]
May 16, 2016

How medical professionals should treat victims of female genital mutilation- World Health Organisation

The World Health Organization today released its first-ever guidelines on how medical professionals should treat victims of female genital mutilation (FGM), hoping to ease the terrible suffering caused by the widely condemned practice. Female genital mutilation (FGM) describes all procedures that involve the partial or total removal of external genitalia […]
April 2, 2016

The horrific tradition of BREAST IRONING in Africa

Image: Daily Mail All over the world, authorities are becoming increasingly worried about the practice of “breast ironing”. The West African practice of pounding pubescent and pre-pubescent breasts with hot stones, hammers, and other objects to delay their growth affects an estimated 1000 girls in the United Kingdom. It is […]
April 2, 2016

Lassa Fever: WHO calls for early diagnostic tests

Lassa fever has killed more than 160 people in West Africa, most of them in Nigeria, since November 2015. Many of these lives could have been saved if a rapid diagnostic test were available so that people could receive treatment early. Since November 2015, Nigeria, Benin, Sierra Leone and Togo […]