June 3, 2016

400 dogs rescued ahead of sickening ‘dog meat festival’ in China

Animal protection organisation Humane Society International (HSI) confirmed the rescue  and called it ‘an amazing operation dealing a heavy blow to the city’s dog and cat meat traders’. More than 400 dogs and cats were saved from being slaughtered, cooked and served at restaurants. The animals were squeezed into tiny […]
May 16, 2016

Shocking pictures of the Chinese dog meat festival and why activists are against it

Dogs are beaten or bled to death, then eaten at the Yulin, China dog meat festival. Thousands of Chinese citizens have protested the festival, but authorities are yet to act.  It’s a few days to go, for the 2016 edition and social activists like Avaaz,  a 41-million-person global campaign network are also […]