December 10, 2016

Are you eating more crap or more food?

Are you eating more ‘crap’ or more food? You know yourself…lol
April 2, 2016

Mediterranean diet and its many benefits (bone health included)

 Perhaps one of the best diets around, the Mediterranean Diet is well-known for its health benefits on your heart and waistline, but now your bones could benefit too, according to a new study published online by JAMA Internal Medicine.  The “diet” involves loading plates with fruits and veggies alongside beans, fish, […]
April 2, 2016

We need to go back to eating the way our ancestors did (They were healthier)

Unprecedented levels of chronic non-communicable diseases are prompting calls to revert to the diets of our ancestors to regain lost nutrients. It is believed that such a shift would help to improve society’s relationship with the Earth and restore human and environmental health. “The rise of the industrial model of […]