August 17, 2016

The exact number of stillbirths and maternal and neonatal deaths is underreported- WHO launches three publications to help

It is widely accepted that the day of birth is potentially the most dangerous time for mothers and babies. According to the World Health Organisation, every year, all over the world, some 303 000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth, 2.7 million babies die within the first 28 days of […]
August 10, 2016

Support the Ene Project to reduce maternal and childhood mortality in Nigeria

According to UNICEF statistics, Nigeria loses about 2,300 under-five year olds and 145 women of childbearing age. This makes the country the second largest contributor to the under–five and maternal mortality rate in the world. It was against this backdrop that a registered Lagos-based non governmental organisation, The Airen Foundation […]