August 4, 2016

Doctors are yet to explain why this 4-year-old looks 80

Bayezid Hossain, 4, lives in Magura district in southern Bangladesh. He is suffering from a disease that makes him look like an old man, reports the British newspaper,  Daily Mail. Doctors believe that the child has progeria, one of the rarest diseases in the world, which makes the body  age […]
July 26, 2016

Ontlametse Phalatse: First black girl diagnosed with aging disease Progeria is now 18 years old

     Doctors had given Ontlametse Phalatse at least until 14 years to live due to her condition. She suffers from a rare disease that causes premature aging called Progeria.  The now 17 year old is celebrating a milestone, never thought she would live to see.  This young lady looks like […]
May 4, 2016

15-year-old Indian with rare disease that makes kids look very old, dies

Nihal Bitla (15), one of India’s 60 children with progeria, the disease that makes children look like very old men,  passed away at his home town in Telangana late on Monday evening. He was attending a family wedding when he suffered brain stroke and was admitted to a hospital in […]